Weekly Wanderlust: North Carolina

I was reading an article the other day in Self magazine – an interview with Cameron Russell. Contrary to her job as a supermodel, she was talking about beauty and image – which she does well in this TED talk – and she said something that stuck with me. She was talking about beauty and needing to impress people, and said that some of the best times are when you don’t need to impress anyone and don’t worry about how you look. Mentioning camping, and staying in a cabin where you have no makeup on and don’t worry about your appearance she said “Weren’t you happy?”.

I’ve always described myself as a mountains girl. Some of my most favorite recent memories included a girls trip to North Carolina and a recent trip to Flagstaff. Part of what made these trips so wonderful is exactly what Cameron was talking about – that feeling of just waking up, throwing on running clothes and getting outside. Not looking in a mirror – just enjoying what’s around you and absorbing it.

As someone who has to get ready everyday for the office, I find myself wishing I was back among those mountains – without makeup, in running clothes or a swimsuit, enjoying the outdoors.

bearlake 026

bearlake 027

bearlake 028All pictures taken by me while vacationing at Bear Lake Reserve in North Carolina.

– Stassja


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