Close to Home: Fun with Kids in Houston

Is anyone else feeling ready for winter to be over? We had a rainy weekend (which I know, is better than snow) and it made me feel a bit anxious to do something. It probably doesn’t help that we just came back from vacation (WDW, more on that later), but I found myself craving something fun to do. But alas, South Africa is not in the cards right now so I wanted to share our list of close to home activities that are on our agenda for the spring.

  • Houston Zoo – such an obvious one, and you would think it would get old, but it’s actually really peaceful (trick: get there when it opens like we do) and it’s a good two hours of entertainment, and you spend it outside. If you’re hungry for lunch, grab some food at the Giraffe House and eat on the patio with the giraffes. Food is decent…and did I mention the giraffes?

houstonpost 051

houstonpost 052

  • Farm Fun – There are several in the greater Houston area but the one by us is Blessington Farms – we’ve done the pumpkin patch, strawberry picking, and just the “farm funland”. It is heaven for toddlers, especially little (and big) boys who like trucks. Oh and the giant slides are fun too.

houstonpost 053

houstonpost 054

  • Hiking and/or Camping – Our favorite spot to overnight camp is Huntsville and we hope to make it there this season. We’ve taken Nolan before, but it was a few years ago. A few weekends ago we “practiced” in our backyard by setting up a tent and it was a resounding success with Nolan. I think Annelise may be another issue, but we’re willing to give it a go just to get away for a weekend. Even if we don’t make it camping, I forsee more backyard tent time & some hiking in Huntsville around the lake. We have to practice using the hiking backpack with Annelise for our upcoming trip to Bend Oregon (yay, more hiking!).
houstonpost 055

Bayou Bend hiking – before we realized that gators. were. everywhere.

houstonpost 056

Huntsville State Park in the winter. Perfect.

houstonpost 057

Somerville State Park

  • No Label Brewery – Just because it’s not for your kids, doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. We went here after work on a Friday with a few other families and the kids played together with toys / soccer balls and we drank beer. We will definitely be doing this one again.
  • The Beach – you would think we go here more often, but we actually almost never go – which is sad, given how close it is. We’re going to try to do more of that this year.
  • And of course, parks, parks and more parks. Our kids current favorite is “the train park” – Katy Playstation Park, but really anything with a slide is acceptable.

houstonpost 058What are your favorite Houston things to do? Please share, always looking for ideas!

– Stassja


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