Weekly Wanderlust: London

One of the fun things about this site has been diving into all the old pictures from travels either before we were married, or before we had kids. I mean, these are legitimate digital pics – no DSLRs or smartphone cameras here! Does anyone still have a digital camera nowadays?

Anyway this week’s wanderlust post is less…nature oriented. Sometimes you just feel the need to be in a big city, with so many things to do. Maybe a musical, or a long walk around the city ending at the pub. It’s been a while since we’ve been to one of these, because, obviously they are less kid-friendly than say the beach or Disney World. But I think we’re close to visiting Europe again soon – it’s actually been many years since we’ve gone for vacation – last time was our honeymoon! So here’s to some culture, some landmarks, and some bloody fun.

Happy weekend everyone!

london 051

london 052

P.S. If you want to see more of this girl’s amazing London wedding click here – I’m so so so sad I missed it – must go to London soon!! And now for some true photographs from people who have been there more recently than me!


Source: Here


Source: Here


Source: Here

– Stassja


One thought on “Weekly Wanderlust: London

  1. Loved reading about Sarah’s wedding! When you go to London be sure to get a list of family heritage sites before you go, as in our family heritage.


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