Runners High is Real: Half Marathon Bucket List

I’ve been running for a long time – ten years to be exact. I’ve run a few races, ranging from 5k to half marathon in length, and I’ve always enjoyed it. However, recently I’ve really become addicted to racing – not just running around my neighborhood for stress relief, but running amongst a group of other people who also like to run including free bananas at the finish. This has been encouraged by some friends of mine and a commitment I made to run 6 races this year. Although I sometimes go on my own, we’ve had success taking the kids to these races – especially where they allow strollers. One person pushes the double stroller and the other person runs – it works out really well and is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

running 051

But what about running while traveling? Before I had kids, this was something Mark and I did in every city. Wake up, put on the running clothes and just explore. Bring some cash for some coffee or lunch and eventually return to the hotel for a shower. In fact, when we get a weekend away, we always make this a part of our agenda as it’s sort of our “travel thing”. If you are traveling on your own or with friends, I highly suggest it – such a great way to get to know a place.

running 052

running 053

With kids, things are a bit different. You value predictability and flexibility. So I haven’t done many races lately that require travel, but I’m definitely interested in getting back out there – either by myself, or with some great support to watch the kids while I (or Mark and I) run. I am sure there are tons of 5K / 10Ks but somehow the half marathon seems like the perfect distance to warrant a getaway…so here are a few half marathons I’d like to do in the future…

Walt Disney World Races – I’m not super picky here, but hoping I can catch the Princess Half next year – that will be a fun one and I can plan my family vacation around it.

Any of the half marathons in the wine country..this one in Napa looks nice.

The Philadelphia half marathon since last time I signed up I was too sick to run.

How about a Vancouver race – and it’s a Rock n Roll one which promises to be fun.

I’ve always wanted to see Jackson Hole – so why not run it?

The Flying Pirate Half Marathon in the Outer Banks because, um, pirates – and also – family vacation.

Another Ragnar Relay because my first one was seriously amazing (see evidence below).

running 054

Anyone have recommendations for other races worth traveling for?

– Stassja


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