Enjoying Spring in Texas

The weather this week has been beautiful, so no wanderlust for me. Instead I’m happy to be somewhere with 70 degree days, a cool breeze and bright blue skies. I’ve gone running so many times this week at lunch, and I swear it was just to take advantage of the weather.

While Mark is up in the Northeast enjoying the snow, I’m trying to keep my crazy toddlers entertained and most importantly, outside. Today we (thanks Dad!) went to the Bayou City Arts Festival and walked around, ate from food trucks, purchased a picture for Annelise’s room, and just generally enjoyed being in the sunshine. Nolan did some art on his own too.

bayou city arts festival 054

bayou city arts festival 053

bayou city arts festival 055

bayou city arts festival 051

bayou city arts festival 052

It was a nice reminder to me that when the weather is good, anything is possible. Tomorrow, we’re off to Blessington Farms which I mentioned in my last Houston post. I expect to see quite a bit of this…(from last October)…

bayou city arts festival 056

Happy weekend everyone!

– Stassja


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