What to Wear: Active Vacation

I’ve already mentioned my affinity for minimal makeup while traveling – which tends to work when I go places that are either kid-focused (so who cares) or outdoors focused. We’re taking a trip later this year that will be part city – part outdoor mecca. Since we’ll have the kids, definitely not a lot of date nights planned, but there will be hiking, running, maybe some stand-up paddle boarding.  This is such a dream for me, because every time an Athleta catalog arrives I find myself wishing I could do more yoga on top of mountains. Nevermind that I can’t really do yoga, and there are no mountains in Texas. But here it is! An opportunity for me to have an Athleta vacation with kids! Of course, I’ll let you know how that really turns out once it happens, but for now, I can dream.

So here are my favorite clothes right now for an active vacation…you know, if you’re tired of black yoga pants and black tank tops…

Athleta Clothes

1. Uppercut Tank | 2. All About It Tropical Bralette | 3. Chain Print Chi Tank | 4. Palms Stellar Short | 5. Shirred Band Swim Short | 6. Palm Chaturanga Capri

– Stassja

PS – Athleta did not give me anything fun for writing these nice things – I just love their clothes. 🙂


Keep Calm and Carry On

I’ve always liked travel bags. Even when I stopped traveling as much for work, I found myself wanting suitcases that were professional, and stylish. It’s sort of like my childhood love for school supplies was translated into travel gear. My favorites are the carry-on bags (because who cares about the bag that rides in the cargo area). This is why I gasped out loud when I walked by the Orla Kiely bags at Target this weekend. Unfortunately for me (good for the wallet), my three year old was having a meltdown, so I didn’t have time to properly debate the patterns, and came home empty-handed. But it made me start thinking about carry on bags again…and so I’ve pulled together a few that I’ve been eyeing. What’s your favorite travel bag?

Travel Bags

1. Orla Kiely Roller Leaf at Target | 2. The O.M.G from Lo & Sons | 3. Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve | 4. Marc Jacobs Commuter Case | 5. Tumi Athens Carry-All | 6. Madewell Transport Tote

– Stassja

P.S. My current all-purpose bag is this Longchamp tote. So classy & works for the office and travel!