Weekly Wanderlust: Banff, Alberta

I’ve been to the Banff area twice, both times in summer, or rather the shoulder months (May and September). First was a brief adventure as part of a work trip, and the second time was a nice weekend getaway while I was traveling regularly to Calgary for work. I am not sure you need a guide to Banff, as it’s a pretty small ski town, and everything is beautiful, so you really can’t go wrong. Instead I’ll just share what I loved and hope someone else can offer up some great suggestions for when I definitely go back.

banff 062

Banff – view from the hill where we stayed

banff 058

banff 059

Yes, that’s a golf course.

banff 060

Setting up for a wedding later…

banff 066

Lake Louise. As pretty in real life as it is on the postcard.

banff 067 banff 064

banff 065

That’s all for tonight – just a little bit of mountain dreaming. 🙂

– Stassja


Weekly Wanderlust: Italy

A coworker of mine jetted off to Italy this week, and there is no faster way for me to feel the travel bug. Italy is definitely on our list – we had a trip planned several years ago but had to cancel and never found the opportunity to go back. I think it will need to happen soon…especially the Lake Como area, seems amazing.

So, with that I bring to you, some fantastic Italy pics…






Images borrowed from 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

– Stassja

Weekly Wanderlust: SoCal

We’ve had rainy weather here over the past few weeks with a few moments of greatness, and lots of humid rain followed by cold rain and back again. The weather craziness is getting old, which makes me think about those who live Southern California where it is 70 degrees every single day.

We’ve been to LA & Santa Barbara a few times as Mark’s sister has been lucky enough to live out there for some time, so I’m sure we’ll do a more detailed download later. But for now, some California dreaming…

socal 051

socal 052

socal 053

Santa Barbara Harbor

socal 055

Santa Barbara Wine Country

Happy weekend!

– Stassja

Weekly Wanderlust: London

One of the fun things about this site has been diving into all the old pictures from travels either before we were married, or before we had kids. I mean, these are legitimate digital pics – no DSLRs or smartphone cameras here! Does anyone still have a digital camera nowadays?

Anyway this week’s wanderlust post is less…nature oriented. Sometimes you just feel the need to be in a big city, with so many things to do. Maybe a musical, or a long walk around the city ending at the pub. It’s been a while since we’ve been to one of these, because, obviously they are less kid-friendly than say the beach or Disney World. But I think we’re close to visiting Europe again soon – it’s actually been many years since we’ve gone for vacation – last time was our honeymoon! So here’s to some culture, some landmarks, and some bloody fun.

Happy weekend everyone!

london 051

london 052

P.S. If you want to see more of this girl’s amazing London wedding click here – I’m so so so sad I missed it – must go to London soon!! And now for some true photographs from people who have been there more recently than me!


Source: Here


Source: Here


Source: Here

– Stassja

Weekly Wanderlust: Northern California

Someone suggested to me this week that we run the Nike women’s half marathon in San Francisco and ever since, all I can think about is that cool breeze off the rocky coast of Northern California. Mark and I took a trip here several years ago, and it is still one of our best trips – a four day weekend full of memories. We’ve talked about going to Big Sur with the kids when they get a bit older and we have this dreamy love of that area of the country that’s really unfulfilled in Texas.

So this is my weekly wanderlust…tall trees, rocky beaches, breezy weather (perfect for lightweight running jackets and ponytails)…oh to be there with that fresh air…

cali 045

Black Sand Beaches on the Lost Coast

cali 047

King Range Mountains (and more black sand) – That’s me in the distance!

cali 048

the redwoods!

Redwoods in Humboldt County

– Stassja

Weekly Wanderlust: St. Thomas

It’s getting closer to spring break, where so many of my coworkers and friends will travel to fun places with their kids. A pretty popular place this time of year is Mexico – which just made me think of the Caribbean and the amazing beaches. So I’ve been dreaming of St. Thomas a bit – and the beaches that were total perfection.

stthomas 044

stthomas 046
stthomas 047All pictures taken by me while vacationing several years ago – which is why you know it’s so beautiful despite my photography skills! I’ve heard St. John is amazing as well…anyone else need a sunny break from winter weather?

– Stassja

Weekly Wanderlust: North Carolina

I was reading an article the other day in Self magazine – an interview with Cameron Russell. Contrary to her job as a supermodel, she was talking about beauty and image – which she does well in this TED talk – and she said something that stuck with me. She was talking about beauty and needing to impress people, and said that some of the best times are when you don’t need to impress anyone and don’t worry about how you look. Mentioning camping, and staying in a cabin where you have no makeup on and don’t worry about your appearance she said “Weren’t you happy?”.

I’ve always described myself as a mountains girl. Some of my most favorite recent memories included a girls trip to North Carolina and a recent trip to Flagstaff. Part of what made these trips so wonderful is exactly what Cameron was talking about – that feeling of just waking up, throwing on running clothes and getting outside. Not looking in a mirror – just enjoying what’s around you and absorbing it.

As someone who has to get ready everyday for the office, I find myself wishing I was back among those mountains – without makeup, in running clothes or a swimsuit, enjoying the outdoors.

bearlake 026

bearlake 027

bearlake 028All pictures taken by me while vacationing at Bear Lake Reserve in North Carolina.

– Stassja